Horned Helmet

Photographing a national treasure such as the ‘Horned Helmet’ which belonged to Henry VIII is an exciting project to undertake. The helmet was presented to Henry VIII in 1514  by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I

On Display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, it has not been photographed for over 40 Years, I had 2 days in which to photograph it from all angles and details such as  the spectacles. As always the curator pays an important role in placing the helmet in various positions to ensure that  there is no risk of damage to such a precious object and to have input to the various angles in which to photograph it. We started by photographing on light grey and finally finished photographing against black velvet. It was good test for my new lens: Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 120 LS Macro. Anyway, here are some ‘snaps’ of the set up. Any technical questions then please let me know2016-01-19 12.28.122016-01-20 11.10.192016-01-19 12.38.312016-01-19 12.38.07

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